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Southsea and surrounding areas

19 Computing is based very close to the centre of Portsmouth just behind the Matalan store in Durham Street which is just off Arundel Street near the main Post Office.

Getting to us

By Car

For those using a satnav our postcode is PO1 1NR but be aware this often takes you to the back of our shop in Bridport Street rather than the front. The correct street name to enter is Durham Street and this makes it easier to find.

For people travelling into Portsmouth from the M275 head over the first roundabout following signs to the city centre. At the next roundabout turn right travelling past the Cascades shopping centre on your left. At the next roundabout go straight over and after this take the next left turn. Straight over the next mini roundabout and follow the road around to the left. At the next roundabout again go straight over whilst passing Portsmouth & Southsea railway station on your right. Keep going passing Matalan on your right and you will see a Kwik-Fit Garage. Immediately turn right at this point into Durham Street. Follow the road down to the end.

We have parking outside

By Bus

Stagecoach Bus No 21 takes you the closest to us. The bus stops going both directions are on Arundel Street near the Post Office. From here it is a 5 minute walk to Durham Street.

Stagecoach Bus No. 23 and 700. The closest bus stops are at the bottom of Commercial Road near Portsmouth & Southsea railway station. From here it is an 8 minute walk along Arundel Street past the post office and into Durham Street.

First Buses. Closest bus stops are at the bottom of Commercial road and a short walk along Arundel Street until you get to Durham Street.

By Train

The closest railway station is Portsmouth & Southsea train station. From leaving the train station leave the exit towards Commercial Road. The road in front of the station before Commercial Road is Arundel Street. Walk to the right along Arundel Street passing the Matalan store. You will see immediately after by the Kwok-Fit garage Durham Street

When you get to Durham Street we are located at the very end of this short road where the road bends to the left by the railway.

Simply drop your Phone or Tablet down to us. We are just behind Matalan in the centre of Portsmouth in Durham Street.

With smart phones on average lasting about a day, they are often needing charging. This puts ware on the battery and after some period of time the battery is no longer as good as it used to be or may stop working all together.

We have battery diagnostic software that will determine the life of the battery and how many charges it has had. It will also tell us if the battery needs replacing or not. Battery replacements are generally quick and cheap fixes.

Buttons on smart phones can sometimes fail. Whether it is the power button, home button or speaker/volume buttons these can all be replaced.

Sometimes buttons are not working due to damage in the casing following a drop of the device. We can normally straighten out the frames and sometimes the buttons will not even need to be replaced following this procedure.

It is a common fault for the speaker to fail on a phone. The good news however is that it is generally a fairly quick fix and we will have your phones sound working again in no time

Headphone port faults are something we also see a lot of. Sometimes through ware and tare the headphone port will fail and for example you may only get sound in one ear. Another common issue with headphone ports is that the headphone jack becomes snapped off in the port. Fortunately we can replace the headphone port on the majority of phones.

Charging port faults are a common issue we deal with. With being plugged in and put on charge most days of the week the smart phone charging port is always going to face some constant punishment. The good news is they are normally fairly cheap to fix and we offer charging port repairs on all of the phones that we carry out work on.

If your device is water damaged. Follow these instructions but the most important thing is to act quickly. Do not leave the phone to dry out and most importantly of all do not put it in a bag of rice ! This is a myth and can actually cause more damage -


  • Turn off the phone
  • If the battery is removable (such as Samsung Galaxys) then remove it.
  • Do NOT let it dry out and do NOT put it in a bag of rice ! Get it down to us Quickly
  • We will clean the boards and dry them out properly once cleaned
  • If after this a repair is then required we will call you to advise costs.

One of the most common issues we see are cracked screens. Smart phones are great, with their large impressive screens but as a result they are of course much more likely to crack than older styles phones.

When replacing the glass on the majority of phones we will replace both the LCD Screen and the glass touchscreen digitizer as one unit in order to provide a good quality repair. Don't be fooled into watching easy fix it yourself youtube videos. Without the proper equipment these repairs will go wrong and we see it time and time again with attempted failed repairs. Some of the phones we repair screens on include -

  • Apple iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Google Nexus
  • Sony Xperia
  • HTC

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