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If your device is water damaged. Follow these instructions but the most important thing is to act quickly. Do not leave the phone to dry out and most importantly of all do not put it in a bag of rice ! This is a myth and can actually cause more damage -


  • Turn off the phone
  • If the battery is removable (such as Samsung Galaxys) then remove it.
  • Do NOT let it dry out and do NOT put it in a bag of rice ! Get it down to us Quickly
  • We will clean the boards and dry them out properly once cleaned
  • If after this a repair is then required we will call you to advise costs.

Mac Repairs

We carry out repairs to all Mac models including MacBooks and iMacs

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Laptop Repairs

All laptop repairs undertaken, hardware & software issues.

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Games Console Repairs

Full range of console repairs available for the new xbox one/ps4 and older generation machines

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Tablet Repairs

We repair a large range of Tablets including iPads, Samsung and many more

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19 Computing have been trading for over 16 years providing Computer sales.

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Data Recovery

A full range of data recovery services are available to recover data from failed drives

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19 Computing have been trading for over 15 years providing Computer sales, laptop & PC repairs and mobile phone & tablet repairs. We also offer business IT Support.


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